Those who relocate for work often bring others with them - people who are often looking for employment. The Alberni Valley Employment Centre (AVEC) provides free assistance and support for job-seekers in Port Alberni. They are the Alberni-Clayoquot region's most comprehensive and current source for employment opportunities and job counselling services. AVEC is not just for job seekers - they offer a number of services for owners and managers of businesses, non-profits and social enterprises.


Build Your Network

Are you a new immigrant, recent post-graduate or skilled worker looking for a job or career in Port Alberni? When you reach out to the Alberni Valley Employment Centre you may be identified as a Match for a local Connector. 

Connectors are local business owners and operators, managers, civil servants and community leaders. As their name implies, they are well-connected in the business community and can provide introductions to key people in their network whose business interests align with your skillset.

How does it work?

When a Connector has been identified for you, they will reach out and invite you to meet for an informal conversation. You will be offered three connections from their network to follow up with.

Is it a job interview?

No, but you have the opportunity to show yourself at your best.

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