Business owners and managers understand the importance of finding the right person for the job, the first time. The Port Alberni labour force is over 9,000 strong and their occupations reflect the diversity of the city. They have been working in a time of community-wide change, and adapting to new circumstances so that they can continue living in the place they love. 

The Alberni Valley Employment Centre

The Alberni Valley Employment Centre (AVEC) is the job-seeker portal for the Alberni-Clayoquot region and they provide a number of key services for employers. Their offerings include the following:

  • Online job board and social media promotion of postings
  • Wage subsidy program
  • Employer services handbook
  • Workplace resources
  • BC Employer training grant
  • Get Youth Working! Hiring incentive

Alberni Valley Employment Centre is owned and operated by Island Work Transitions Inc. (IWT), and has been delivering employment services funded by the Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia since 2007.


 The Informal Networking Program

Contact the Alberni Valley Employment Centre to let them know you are interested in becoming a Connector in their Informal Networking Program.

How it works

Port Alberni's business resource agencies are often the first point of contact for skilled newcomers, recent post-secondary graduates and new immigrants looking for work in Port Alberni.

The Informal Networking Program is simple: Meet the Match over a cup of coffee and have an informal chat, then offer three contacts from your Network for the Match to get in touch with. Facilitating these introductions helps Matches build their professional networks in the community and increases their chances of staying on and finding meaningful employment. Port Alberni is a smaller town where it can feel like everyone knows each other - your actions go a long way to helping a newcomer feel like they can belong.

Can I be a Connector?

Yes! The most suitable Connectors are local business owners and operators, managers, civil servants and community leaders. Whether you only have a few years or decades of experience in your position, you have the potential to be a Connector. Your help welcoming and connecting prospective employees (or prospective entrepreneurs!) pays off for everyone involved. 

Am I obligated to hire the Match?

No, but you might discover they are a good fit for an opportunity you have in mind.

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